Little Landscapes

Lately I have been working on some little landscapes using acrylic and water soluble oils. They really are little – this one is only 5×7 inches. Acrylic is great for establishing a base painting with lots of watery flow. Then a layer of the oil was sloshed on and the painting completed by wiping out, scratching, […]

Acrylic in the Journal

My journal is more like a series of small plein air paintings than sketches or visuals that include words. Usually I have worked in watercolor or gouache. Since I’ve been working more with acrylic I thought I’d give it a try, and have really enjoyed the results. The results look quite different from the other […]

Winds of Change

This piece is based on some narcissus flowers that are past their prime. The way the blossoms dried, they looked as if they were facing into a wind. Winds of Change – approx. 22×30 inches, watercolor Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

No Snow

A blanket of white snow on the ground makes for exciting graphic compositions, but we don’t often have such scenes to paint here in Texas. The Monahans sand dunes offer similar opportunities, though. There’s a storm brewing in this watercolor. Just as I set up to record my view en plein air, a sudden windstorm […]

Big Bend en Plein Air

I don’t think it’s necessary to travel to spectacular locations for Plein Air subjects, but if I happen to be where the scenery is grand, I’m sure going to paint it. These are some well-known landmarks from Big Bend.   Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


There might have been a post about this piece previously, before I added the background. It began as a botanical study of a dried branch from my jimpsonweed that echoed the shape of a calla lily, and remained in that state for a few months as I debated whether to keep it as a botanical or […]

Texas and Neighbors 2016

I’m happy that my watercolor Acrobat has been juried into this year’s Texas and Neighbors regional show by Soon Warren. The exhibit will hang at the Irving Art Center in Irving, Texas from April 16 to May 14. Irises form such interesting twisted shapes once they are past their prime. Acrobat is a study of one of […]

upcoming show

I’m happy to be included in the Botanicals show at the Georgetown Art Center, along with some other wonderful artists. The show runs from March 4 – April 10. Anyone in the Georgetown Texas area, be sure to stop by! These are the four pieces in the show.     Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

old garden rose – louis philippe

This is another rose that is blooming like crazy right now, named Louis Philippe. It looks a lot fuller and darker now than it does during the heat of summer. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the bush for this one. I am really enjoying doing these botanical studies. Louis Philippe, about 6×6″, watercolor on […]

old garden roses – old blush

In 2016 I’m hoping to do a series of portraits of roses. We are having a very mild winter and several of my roses are still blooming, which means there’s a great opportunity to do some warm-up paintings. I’m especially fond of the old garden roses and this is one of them, called “Old Blush”. It’s often […]