Second Thoughts

This is a recently completed acrylic piece. It was significantly reworked from its initial state, which gave it its name. I’m pleased that this one has been juried into the TVAA’s upcoming show, Abstracted Redacted, which will run from May 1 – 31 at their Plaza of the Americas gallery in Dallas. Thanks to juror […]

Vacation Home

This is closer to my current usual subject matter: typical suburban landscapes. I noticed this birdhouse with the winter tree branch pattern when walking the dog early one morning. At that time the house was empty. I like my results when I come at shapes┬ákind of sideways, either by removing paint or by negative painting, […]

second trunk in watercolor

Here is another tree trunk with some knots due to pruning. I really enjoyed doing the final calligraphy on this one, and layering wet on dry glazes. Palette on this one included manganese blue, ultramarine,quinacridone burnt orange, viridian, and lunar black.

watercolor trees

Watercolor is the perfect medium for a series of paintings that has been percolating for a few years now. The subject matter is tree trunks, and how they show or heal over damage from insects, parasites, chainsaws, and so on. A title for this series is giving me a little trouble. “Scars” is too full […]