some botanical work

Lately I have gotten interested in botanical artwork, the result of realizing that work based on direct observation has always been an important part of my work, even when I was painting large abstracts. I’m also committed to finding my subject matter wherever I happen to be. For these two pieces I didn’t have to look any farther than the back yard.

I also prefer to paint my subjects as I find them, that is, not idealized, in the tradition of memento mori works. Sometimes I find things in fresh and full flower, but in November that is usually not the case. In the autumn, things have been through long hot summers and have been chewed on by insects, and are all the more interesting for it.

Here are a couple of recent pieces, some native Texas plants. Both of these are about 8×10 watercolors.

The first is turk’s cap, aka Malvaviscus drummondii. In the fall they form fruits as well as new flower buds. – SOLD



This second shows the leaves and acorns of some sort of oak. I’m not sure what kind it is that we have around here. Their leaves can vary so widely.


Happy Autumn to all!

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