new sketchbook

A brand-spanking-new sketchbook can be as intimidating as a pristine fresh piece of paper or canvas. There’s always a resistance to making the first marks when it’s so nice and perfect and virginal. With canvas or paper, I usually start by making a mess, just to get something going. There! No more lovely snow-white surface! Then I try to develop the mess into something.

To get something going with the sketchbook, I just grabbed some detrius from out in the yard: some acorn debris and an oak leaf. Plopped them on the table and told myself to make something of that. All I made was a matter-of-fact little sketch, but now the book has been opened.

some seasonal stuff
some seasonal stuff

I always feel that autumn is really the time of beginning. Is that a holdover from school days and the start of the academic year? It’s certainly also the beginning for all those acorns out there. Their struggle to oakhood starts now.

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