Little Landscapes

Lately I have been working on some little landscapes using acrylic and water soluble oils. They really are little – this one is only 5×7 inches. Acrylic is great for establishing a base painting with lots of watery flow. Then a layer of the oil was sloshed on and the painting completed by wiping out, scratching, or stippling away the paint from the lighter areas.

This particular one is what I have seen called a “spontaneous” landscape. Developing it was a lot like seeing castles and animals in clouds – the way the paint settled and arranged itself suggested the landscape forms. So the scene does not exactly exist anywhere but is certainly based on my experience of walking along dirt roads when the grass is crispy and dry, as it so often is in the middle of our country.

Dry Grass – 5×7 inches, acrylic and oil – SOLD

5 thoughts on “Little Landscapes

  1. Karen Jorde Oster

    Beautiful. Do you sell these?

  2. Cathryn Bates Wiilkinson

    I love reading about what inspires you as you paint. You also are a very gifted writer!!! ?

    • Thanks! Writing is the hardest part. I’m glad someone notices the really tough work.

  3. mmcav

    Beautiful miniature, Robyn!

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