This was a warm-up for the plein air session in my last post. The subject was a heuchera that had just come home from the garden center. This variety is called “Champagne”, so I’m going with that for a title. I love the colors in these leaves – they emerge a combination of pale orange and magenta, and age to a subtle green and buff.

Champagne – 6×6 inches, acrylic and gouache on panel SOLD


5 thoughts on “Champagne

  1. Melissa Cavanaugh

    You are right, the colors are gorgeous! Beautiful work!

    • Thanks, Melissa! You should see the plants.

  2. Oh Robyn, I love this! I’m thinking of starting a new Pinterest board with this, but not sure how you’d feel about it. Of course, you have your copyright on there, and there would be a link to your blog. Lemme know, please. Anyway, I probly already said I love this, right?

    • You made my day, Candace! I’d be happy for you to pin any of my stuff. I should probably be doing that myself, but too lazy.

  3. I’d love to Pin these. The Pins will click through to your blog. Thanks!
    Do you have a Pinterest account?
    (my Pinterest link is )

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