Link Enchanted Rock

The title of this painting doesn’t suggest a fantasy landscape. It’s a real place, and Enchanted Rock is its real name.

Enchanted Rock – 6×6 inch acrylic and oil on panel.

Link Garden Spring

This is a little waterfall in the Dallas Arboretum that is surrounded by Japanese maples. I wanted to bring out the vital freshness of the new spring growth in those water plants. They glowed.

Garden Spring – 6 x 8 inch acrylic and oil on panel

Link Vacation Home

This is closer to my current usual subject matter: typical suburban landscapes. I noticed this birdhouse with the winter tree branch pattern when walking the dog early one morning. At that time the house was empty.

I like my results when I come at shapes kind of sideways, either by removing paint or by negative painting, rather than painting them directly. In both cases, forms are revealed incidentally when the shapes around them are defined. In this painting, it’s the empty space of the sky holes that received the heaviest application of paint. It may not show well in the photo, but in real life it’s the abstract empty spaces that seem to advance.

Vacation Home – 8×8 inches, acrylic and oil on panel.


Link In the Shade

Another one of the little landscapes. This is another of those “spontaneous” landscapes. I kind of think the spontenaity is in the way the paints arrange themselves, not in me. I can’t help but see things I recognize in the shapes the water and paint make.

In the Shade – 6×6 inches, acrylic and oil. $108 plus $10 shipping and handling.

Available to buy through my Daily Paintworks shop.

Link Little Landscapes

Lately I have been working on some little landscapes using acrylic and water soluble oils. They really are little – this one is only 5×7 inches. Acrylic is great for establishing a base painting with lots of watery flow. Then a layer of the oil was sloshed on and the painting completed by wiping out, scratching, or stippling away the paint from the lighter areas.

This particular one is what I have seen called a “spontaneous” landscape. Developing it was a lot like seeing castles and animals in clouds – the way the paint settled and arranged itself suggested the landscape forms. So the scene does not exactly exist anywhere but is certainly based on my experience of walking along dirt roads when the grass is crispy and dry, as it so often is in the middle of our country.

Dry Grass – 5×7 inches, acrylic and oil – SOLD

Link Big Bend en Plein Air

I don’t think it’s necessary to travel to spectacular locations for Plein Air subjects, but if I happen to be where the scenery is grand, I’m sure going to paint it. These are some well-known landmarks from Big Bend.

Boquillas Canyon – 10×8 inches, oil
Santa Elena Canyon – 10×8 inches, oil
The Window – 6×8 inches, oil SOLD
Tuff Canyon – 10×8 inches, oil SOLD


Link regrowth

​This is one of a series of artworks that focus on scars on tree trunks. The light is warm, the forest is quiet the trauma is over. The tree’s old wounds are healed, although they will always be visible. One stump is even sprouting new growth.

Regrowth – 6×6 inches, oil on panel – $108 plus shipping and handling

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Link sentries

This is a doorway right in the little town where I live. Nice french doors that are impossible to open because of the trees stationed right outside. I think I’d rather have the trees than the ability to open the doors, and it seems like the shop owner feels the same way.

Sentries – 6×6 oil on canvas panel – SOLD

Link Vanderpool View

Out in the Texas hill country there is a post office and general store that seem to make up the town of Vanderpool, which is very close to Lost Maples state park. This is a favorite part of the state to visit. It’s remote enough that television and cellular reception is patchy to non-existant, so it is a wonderful place to go to enjoy some quiet time.

Vanderpool View – 6×6 inch oil on panel – $60 plus shipping and handling

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Link Penn Farm

There is a state park very near my home. In addition to a lake and some rare natural prairie land, the park also preserves one of the last working farms in the area, including the home and many outbuildings. This is one of the many small barns still on the property, seen in the light of a cool winter setting sun.

Penn Farm, 6×6 oil on panel, $60 plus shipping