Whether the subject of my art is a landscape, figure, or botanical, my purpose is to find a composition that expresses timelessness, balance and order.

It is a very great pleasure to be truly attentive to whatever is in front of me at the moment, so I don’t search for grand subject matter. The largest portion of our lives is made up of the modest and the mundane, things that seem insignificant. It would be sad to ignore so much.



They said it better than I can.

“Take what there is, and use it, without waiting forever in vain for the preconceived – to dig deep into the actual and get something out of that – this doubtless is the right way to live.” – Henry James

“There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view.” – Goethe

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

“Nothing is too small. Nothing is too, quote-unquote, ordinary or insignificant. Those are the things that make up the measure of our days, and they’re the things that sustain us. And they’re the things that certainly can become worthy of poetry.” – Rita Dove

“Do not try to paint the grandiose thing. Paint the commonplace so that it will be distinguished.” – William Merritt Chase

Abraham Maslow said, “The great lessons from the true mystics, from the Zen monks, is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends, and family, in one’s backyard, and that travel may be a flight from confronting the sacred. To be looking everywhere for miracles is a sure sign of ignorance that everything is miraculous.”  Thanks to James Gurney for this one