a little navel gazing

So often an artist’s statement about their work contains a passage that begins “I have a passion for…..”. I’m a little jealous when I read things like that, because I have no overruling passion. It seems like absolutely everything is worthy of my attention. How do you pick and chose, how do you say no to a subject or a style of painting, that is just as attractive as any other?

I got a little insight when an artist friend posted this quote from John Cage on Facebook:

“When you start working,
Everybody is in your studio-
The past
Your friends
The art world,
And above all, your own ideas-all are there.
But as you continue painting,
They start leaving,
One by one,
And you are left completely alone.
Then if you’re lucky, even you leave.” John Cage

It’s that lucky experience of being totally in the flow that is my passion. Subject matter, medium, painting style, and all the rest, they could be anything. They could be chosen for other reasons.