Link Wilson Circle and Square

This is another of the paintings based on old homes in Big Bend. I was lucky to have visited the Homer Wilson Ranch location at a time of day when the shadows made a strong graphic statement. The strong geometric shapes of the voids in the walls made this view irresistible to me.

Wilson Circle and Square – 12×12 inches, $380

Link Dorgan House Window

This is another of the old residences within Big Bend National Park. I’m particularly pleased with the quiet, subdued colors in this one.

Dorgan House Window – 10×14 inch watercolor and gouache on gessoed paper. $308

watercolor painting Big Bend

Link Adobe Corner

This is a corner of one of the adobe farmhouses that are still standing (more or less) in Big Bend National Park. It’s the first in a projected series that has as it’s theme the contrast between the right angles and geometry of man-made structures and the shapes of the surrounding landscape. A right angle, regardless of how eroded it is, makes me think of the person who must have made it, and what it might have been like to be that person in that place. As I envision the series, they will all be based on historic structures in Big Bend.

Adobe Corner – 14 x 11 inches, watercolor on gessoed paper, $308.00

Fontaine Verte

Link Fontaine Verte

Another piece is headed for a very good home. This one is probably the most Wyeth-like of any of the little suburban landscapes, and is a particular favorite of mine.

Fontaine Verte, 8×8 inch acrylic – SOLD

gouache painting of Big Tex

Link Big Tex Says Howdy

I painted this piece specifically for the Southwest Watercolor Society’s fundraiser. When asked to contribute a painting, I was concerned that my usual non-descript subjects in quiet colors wouldn’t generate a lot of auction action. Big Tex was the answer. He kept me true to my “painting local” theme, and also fit right in with my developing interest in signage. I did liven up my usual color palette to make this a happy piece. It raised a respectable amount for the society in the auction. Thank you to the buyer! Tex will now be hanging in a gorgeous home, and I’m honored for him to be there.

Big Tex Says Howdy – gouache on paper – SOLD

Link Dallas Arts Month

It’s nice to be included in the art scene in your home town. I’m really pleased to be included at exhibitions at two venues celebrating the arts in Dallas. The Dallas Forest will be hanging at the Bath House Cultural Center, and The Garland Plaza will be at Moody Performance Hall. Thank you, jurors!

Link Everyday Poetry

I have a solo show coming soon! 20 pieces, all itty bitty paintings of things I see every day. From the promotional material:

In this series of paintings Robyn Jorde has lavished attention on her neighborhood, an unremarkable one that is typical of the DFW area. The small and intimate paintings reveal the mysterious poetry, timelessness, and significance that can be found in familiar everyday surroundings.

The exhibition runs from April 5 – April 24 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

One of the Everyday Poetry images

In other show news, two of the theater paintings were accepted into Art214, part of Dallas Arts Month. One will be hanging at the Bath House March 23 – April 20. The other will be at the Moody Performance Hall .

It’s a busy month!

Link The Gainesville State

The Southwestern Watercolor Society’s fall paintout was held in Gainesville this year. I did a few small plein air paintings and also did an on site sketch of their restored movie theater. This painting was done in the studio, using the sketch and some photographs for reference.

The making of this painting was documented as a tip on the Society’s website. If you’re interested in my painting process for these, you can read about it here.

The Gainesville State, 14×11, watercolor and gouache on gessoed paper

Link The Kilgore Texan

It seems like half of the old theaters in Texas are named “Texas” or “Texan”. There are two wonderful old theaters in Kilgore. One of them, of course, is called the Texan. I wanted to choose an angle that also showed the downtown oil rigs…and questioned that decision every time I had to repaint them.T

The Kilgore Texan – 10 x 20 inches, watercolor and gouache on paper

Link The Dallas Forest

I especially enjoy painting the theaters when there is a contrast between their original slick high style and their current neglected state. That’s the case with the Forest, which is pretty close to home.

The Dallas Forest – watercolor and gouache, 21 x 13 inches